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Download the Call for Entries

Did you enter the National PRSA Bronze Anvil awards competition? Use your Bronze Anvil entry as a starting point as the components criteria for the Thoth Awards closely follow the criteria for the national PRSA Bronze Anvil Awards.

These categories provide an opportunity for individual elements of larger programs to be recognized for excellence.

17. Integrated Media Relations: Tactics, programs and events driven entirely by media relations that generate news coverage across full spectrum of online, broadcast, print and social media outlets.
   17A. Campaigns on Budget under $25,000
   17B. Campaigns on Budget of $25,000 and up

18. Media Relations:  Proactive outreach campaigns designed to target and leverage a specific type of media community on behalf of a product, service or organization.
  18A. Television Campaign
  18B. Radio Campaign
  18C. Print Campaign
  18D. Blogger Campaign

19. Social Media:  This category includes the use of  web widgets, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube campaigns, and other forms of social media, which are used as part of public relations programs.
   19A. News Release/Announcement – Activities where social media was leveraged to share news or information directly with your audience.
  19B. Video – Aa successful initiative driven through videos on YouTube, Vine or Instagram that built awareness with internal or external audiences.
  19C. Advocacy – Sshare how social media spread information related to an issue or cause.
  19D. Events – Ffor events primarily promoted through social media outlets.

20. Podcast/Webcast: A copy of the actual podcast and/or webcast entry should be uploaded online, along with  the actual site URL, or other audio or video program must be uploaded as part of the entry.

21. Blog: Web-based journals, or blogs, which communicate either a corporate, public service or industry position.

22. Brochures: Pamphlets, booklets or other small publications designed to inform a target audience about an organization, product, service or issue. The format can be electronic or print.

23. Press Kits/Media Kits: News releases, photographs and other background information compiled for an organization, product or issue.
   24A. Print – Submit one copy of the publication as a pdf.PDF
   24B. Electronic – Upload or provide a URLurl.  

24. Newsletters and Magazines: Publications (either print or electronic) designed, written and published periodically to provide timely information to target audiences while supporting an organization’s overall objectives.

25. Publications: Single-issue publications designed for a special purpose. The format can be electronic or print. Category includes annual reports that report on an organization’s annual performance, books and other publications not eligible for consideration in other categories.

26. Direct Mail/Direct Response: Communications that are designed to solicit a specific, immediate response by the target audience. This can be a single communication or a series.

27. Public Service Announcements: Audio or video productions of one minute or less distributed to radio or television stations, or print ads distributed to newspapers or magazines as non-paid public service announcements.

28. Speeches: Submit text of speech.

29. Feature Stories, Editorials, Op-Ed Columns: Submit text of feature or opinion article as well as documentation of publication and placement. The feature article should have been written by the practitioner and submitted and published through his/her efforts.

30. Paid Advertising: Paid advertising written as editorial matter to gain support for a product, issue, program or organization. Submit text of editorial matter and documentation of publication.

31. Research, Measurement and Evaluation: The Institute for Public Relations will judge and present this award for research that provides a meaningful contribution to a public relations program where the research preceding the program was well-designed, where the program had measurable objectives, where measurement and evaluation were integrated into the program, and where the methodology was effective.  Methodology and key findings should be included in the entry.

32. Websites (external, internal or extranets): Use of a Website as part of a public relations program.

33. Internal Video: Video programs targeted toward internal audiences such as employees, members, etc. 

34. External Video: Video programs targeted primarily at external audiences, including b-roll packages and satellite media tours.